Working Papers

Life out of the Shadows: The Impacts of Regularization Program on the Lives of Forced Migrants

co-authors: Ana María Ibáñez, Andrés Moya, María Ortega, María Urbina

Pre-analysis plan 

Policy note  [Spanish]  

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In Someone Else’s Shoes: Promoting Prosocial Behavior through Perspective Taking 

co-author: Marisol Rodríguez-Chatruc

Pre-analysis plan [here]

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Rebel Governance and Development: The Persistent Effects of Distrust in El Salvador 

co-authors: Antonella Bandiera, Lelys Dinarte, Juan Miguel Jimenez,  María Micaela Sviatschi

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Electoral Consequences of Easing  the Integration of Forced Migrants: Evidence from a Southern Country

co-authors: Alejandra Quintana, María José Urbina

Working Paper Versions: WB PRWP, IZA WP

More benefits, less kids: How Regularization Affects Immigrant Fertility

co-authors: Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes, Ana María Ibáñez, and Salvador Traettino

Working Paper Versions: WB PRWP, IZA WP

Empowering Migrant Women: Regularization Programs and Crime Reports 

co-authors: Ana María Ibáñez, Dany Bahar

Working Paper Versions: WB PRWP 

Work In Progress

The Fine Line between Nudging and Nagging: Increasing Take-up Rates Through Social Media in Colombia

co-authors: Andrés Moya and María José Urbina

Unveiling the Impacts of Extremism in Refugee's Integration, Education Attainment, and Mental Health

co-authors: Laurent Bossavie and María José Urbina

Housing Subsidies, Refugee's  Well-Being, and Social Cohesion in Jordan

co-authors: Edward Miguel, Sam Leone, Bailey Palmer, Emma Smith, Sarah Stillman, Abdulrazzak Tamim

Pre-analysis plan [here]

Impacts of Camps on Refugee's Life Outcomes in Jordan

co-authors: Edward Miguel, Bailey Palmer, Emma Smith, Sarah Stillman, and María José Urbina

Migration Reforms and Children's Welfare in Colombia

co-authors: Andrés Moya, Tatiana Hiller, and Juanita Ruiz

Mass Migration and Inequality in Venezuela

co-authors: Nicolás Cabra and María Micaela Sviastchi

RHISN Impact Evaluation in Ethiopia

co-authors: Girum Abebe, Dennis Egger, Alfredo Manfredini, and Christina Wieser

Migrant Children

co-author: Juan Miguel Jimenez